Night Art

We create wall artworks that will give a cozy but also harmonious and close-to-nature feel. Our wall artworks often have built-in fiber lights, LED lights or other lighting. The lighting in the works of art means that even in the evening you can enjoy them.

Our motifs range from nature, mythology to astrology.

They use Bone Carving when they do their artwork, we use this technology nowadays to get the right feeling in our artwork. We make jewelry in legs, horns and even in different hardwoods.

Everything started with we made our own artwork for our walls. What kind of wood we would use was of course oak, whose wood we fell in love with. We also started to wear self-designed jewelry.

After some time we got orders for our art and now orders come in for different types of artwork or jewelry.We make no art as serial production but all artwork or jewelry is unique. Upon request, we also accept orders for artwork that needs a certain size or need to go in a certain gang, of course in our style but which we know will fit in with our customers.

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